Austria’s Contribution to the Sewing Machine

Austria's Contribution to the Sewing Machine

first machine used for sewing capsIt all begins in London when the German immigrant named Charles Weisenthal invented a needle that can be used for sewing machines. However, there wasn’t a machine to go with it yet. It took 34 years for Thomas Saint to invent the machine to be used with the needle. The first machine was patented in 1790 when a cabinet maker punched a hole through leather using an awl which allowed a needle to pass through.

The whole story is now focused on Germany during the year 1810 when inventor Balthasar Krems invented a machine used for sewing caps. Although this was said to be true, there’s no exact date to be given for the model because no patents were claimed.

It wasn’t long before a tailor from Austria named Josef Madersperger created a series of machines in the early 1900’s with patents dating in the year 1814. In 1839, the work on the sewing machine was still on progress with aids coming from the Austrian government. However, the machine failed to be built, and it wasn’t able to function.

America claimed the rights to the first machine that can sew in the year 1818. A churchman from Vermont named John Adams Doge, and his colleague John Knowles made a device that can sew a very short length of stitch after having to go through a laborious resetting up.

Another person with a better claim for inventing the sewing machine is Barthelemy Thimonnier, who was granted a patent in France. A barbed needle was used for his machine that was made of wood. According to him, he wanted the machine to be used solely for embroidery but he then saw the potential for it to become a sewing machine. Thimonnier was able to convince the government about the usefulness of his invention and was given a contract to build some machines so he can use them to sew uniforms for the army.

In 10 years time, Thimonnier had a factory with 80 machines running. However, he had some trouble with some Parisian tailors. These tailors were scared that if the machines were successful, they would lose their jobs and livelihood when it takes over the sewing business.

One night, a group of tailors went into the factory to destroy all the machines that they can lay their hands on and chasing Thimonnier for his life. After this incident, Thimonnier started with a better machine and went into full-scale production but he still got attacked by the same tailors. Because France was going into war, he fled into England with one of his machines. Although he achieved so many things with his inventions and ran the first garment factory in France, he died in a poor house of old age.

In America, Walter Hunt invented the first machine that did not imitate hand sewing in 1833. This machine used an eye point needle which is the same as what sewing machines are using today. However, it was again unsuccessful because of the short seams that it can only produce.

Despite having no certainty on who invented the sewing machine first, we are in debt to these early inventors who initiated the beginning of a new era in sewing. If you’re looking into buying a sewing machine, read on http://sosewreviews.com/best-sewing-machine-reviews/.

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How to Find a Psychic in Austria

Looking for a psychic when you’re in Vienna can be a hard task to come by especially if you’re new to the place. There are many psychics to choose from and places where you can find them. It also depends if you want a psychic that you can talk to face to face or someone that is available to give you readings online. The most important thing to consider is to choose the best and most reputable psychic that you can find in Austria whether it’s online or personally.

A Simple Checklist

When you are looking for a good psychic, there are some pointers to remember. Here is a very simple checklist for you to follow.

Rely on Word of Mouth

Psychics have reputations to uphold so you need to trust your friends that already tried to get their readings from them. Ask them questions about their experiences or the methods used by the psychic to come up with the readings. There are many psychics around the world who do not have to advertise but get clients through word of mouth. This is probably true even in Austria so you better ask around for popular psychics around.

Type of Psychic Reading

There are various types of psychic readings that are available and every psychic has their own technique that they use. There are psychics that use multiple approaches while there are some who will use just one. The practices will depend on what they are used to the most. There are also some who will use tools like tarot cards but there are those who will just want to read your aura or energy.

It’s important to know the techniques used by psychics to know what you are really looking for. Try researching first and find out which technique works for you.


Before deciding to go through a psychic reading, make sure to find out everything that you can about them. A good source of information is the internet. If you already chose a psychic, look up their name and read as much as you can about them and the techniques that they use. You should also look at the comments and reviews by previous customers because this will help you identify if they are legit. If you have more questions regarding their fees or schedules, you can also ask them through their website or hotline. Through research, you can find out how long the psychic has been practicing and the level of skills that they have.

Take Your Time

You don’t really have to rush to find a psychic right away especially if you are in a city unknown to you. Take your time and make sure you pick the right one before paying for their services or even giving them some of your time to listen. Just like any type of business, there are good and bad psychics out there. Make sure you are careful to pick the good ones so you get the best value out of your money.

How to Stick to the GM Diet in Austria

The GM diet is a sure fire way to lose weight in 7 days. This diet was developed for General Motor employees’ health and wellness program and was made to be used solely by General Motor employees. If you are still on the diet and you are also scheduled to travel in Austria, it’s very easy to sustain it. Since most of the GM diet involves eating fruits, Austria will provide plenty of places where you can pick them.

The problem that you might have is that the bananas may prove to be more expensive in Austria because it is a tropical fruit.  According to the research and studies, the premium for tomatoes and bananas seem to be higher compared to citrus fruits. The reason behind this is that there is only a small organic banana market in Austria. Bananas have lower shelf life and it also contributes to the high premiums that they get as well the cost of importing.

Vegetables are abundant in Austria because there are many farms that harvest and produce vegetables so you won’t have any trouble finding anything that you can make your salad with. The GM soup is also made of vegetables so there will be no problem making a big batch of this to substitute for your daily meals. The price range is also fair for vegetables in Austria since they don’t have to import much of them except for the winter period.

As for beef, there are many farms that raise healthy cows that can be a good source of meat. Tons of beef are produced yearly because beef is one of the most popular meats eaten by Austrians everyday. Since the GM diet also allows you to eat meat—only beef—on certain days, this will not be a problem for you. However, depending on where you are from, the cost of beef may or may not be more expensive to your liking. People who come from some parts of South East Asia may find that beef is more expensive in Austria as well as people from America. People from Japan may find that it is a little bit cheaper than their local Kobe and Wagyu beef. If beef is not a part of your diet, you can try the Indian version of the GM diet.

Maintaining the GM diet while travelling to Austria is not very hard to do because the vegetables, fruits and meat used in this diet is also found in the country. You only need to take note that when you are on this diet; you will only have a little bit of energy because of the food that you eat. This means you won’t really have many calories to spare to walk around or sight see.

That being said, you really need to make sure that you want to be on this diet before you take a trip to Austria. Remember that you want to make the most out of your vacation and go to all the places that you can on your trip. Being on this diet will hinder you from that and it’s important to decide whether to pause it for the trip.

Where to Pamper Yourself in Austria

If you’re planning to get pampered in Austria, let the mineral rich waters of their thermal spas sooth your acing backs and shoulders. It also is known to be good for common skin problems and even more severe conditions like arthritis and rheumatism.

Austria is made up of two thirds water and one third lands. If you like to soak in hot springs to soothe and relax your senses, you will surely enjoy Austria’s thermal spas. Many tourists consider this activity whenever to visit Austria for leisure of business. They say that it helps them think things through and clears their head when it comes to any type of worries.

Some doctors also support the healing abilities of thermal spas. This is because most symptoms of back and joint problems are alleviated by this sort of treatment. Many patients, old and young, prefer going to thermal spas for recreation and relaxing. Some people with skin problems also soak regularly to help their skin become better. If you are curious enough about these thermal spas and you want to have a relaxing stay in Austria, here are some of the best thermal spas to choose from.

Kneipp thermal spa of the Sisters of Mary of Carmel

The Kneipp spas found in Upper Austria, their sisterhood offers more than 140 kinds of classip treatments. They also offer programs that help patients relieve stress like massages, aromatic bath, meditation and many more to keep a person from feeling stressed out.

Alpentherme Gastein

This is one of the newest and most moderm thermal spas in the Alps today. This spa offers a 360 degree panoramic view of the alpine and an adventure dome with different projections. They also have a sauna world with a lake in the mountain where you are allowed to cool off during summer months when you feel too hot. This spa is open to everyone until 1 am and offers culinary highlights as well as live music.

Therme Laa

This is located in Lower Austria and offers a very good all around experience for tourists. Water shiatsu or WATSU is the best feature of this spa. It is used to help relax the body as you are floating on water. This therapy is believed to release physical, mental and emotional blockage.

Bad Waltersdorf

A spacious and well designed thermal spa and sauna is found in Styria along with their TSM (traditional styrian medicine) programs. These are healing powers of an indigenous plant that is centuries old like hay flower, apple and pumpkin is used to better people’s health. If you really want to experience relaxation, a soothing stone massage using honey and herbs will do the trick.

This thermal spa is located in Carinthia and is believed to have more than 40 million liters of water flowing to different basins of the spa from six different springs. The spa also gives you fun activities that will help you take your mind off of things. Try the algae, caviar and sea salt treatments for starters.

Some of these spas also offer other services like laser hair removal and other pampering services. The costs of laser hair removal here varies depending on the area you want to get treated.

What Shoes to Bring to Austria

Travelling to Vienna would mean a lot of walking in the streets. This is why you need to bring the best shoes that will help you get the best experience without the pain on your foot. If you are shopping for clothes to bring on your trip to Vienna, don’t forget to buy the best shoes for you. Here are some tips on choosing shoes based on their different criterias to help you with your shopping.

Lightweight Neutral Fitness Walking Shoes

People with a neutral way of walking will do well with flat, lightweight and flexible shoes. These shoes should have good cushioning for comfort but not too much that it makes the shoes too heavy.  Most of the time, these type of walking shoes pose a running design that meet the needs of those that love to walk.

Motion Control Walking Shoes

If you tend to overpronate when you walk, you need firmer and heavier shoes to help you with your gait and also reduce the risk of having injuries because of overpronation. Those who overpronate can get the best out of a motion control shoe because the shoes make sure that their feet are well protected. If you always see the inner side of your sole with excessive wear and tear, this means that you need motion control shoes.

Trail Walking Shoes

This type of shoes gives you the stability, protection and traction that you need for uneven surfaces and slippery slopes when you walk a trail. Boots are very heavy and can be rigid because they are mostly used for extreme day hiking and backpacking. Today’s trail shoes are made withgood traction but are ultimately lighter in weight as well as focuses on flexibility.

Cushioned Walking Shoes

Every walker needs the right amount of cushioning on their shoes to prevent their feet from being fatigued especially during long distance walks or standing for long periods of time. However, walkers need less cushioning for their feet compared to runners because the impact created on the foot is far less. It’s important to take note that cushioned shoes do not come with any motion control correction and also gives you minimal support at most. However, they offer a lot of midsole cushioning for a person’s comfort.

Racewalking Shoes

People who participate in race walks need to buy flexible and lightweight shoe that they can use as they take each step. Most of the time, they buy a shoes that are flat from the heel to the forefoot. However, if they plan to racewalk longer distances, they need a little bit more of cushioning—which is a balance that is very hard to find.

Comfort Walking Shoes

Comfort shoes allow you to wear them all day without feeling uncomfortable. It also lets you provide the right kind of support on your feet as well as relieve any foot problem that you have. These shoes come in different designs for your different needs. Some designs even feature orthotic designs for some extreme foot conditions.

Glock Hand Gun History

In the early 1980’s Gaston Glock, a businessman was struck by luck when he supplied the Austrian Ministry of Defense army with trench tools, machine gun belts and hand grenades. While delivering his merchandise, he overheard 2 Austrian coronels talking about a proposal for new short firearm. They were talking about how Styer (a gun manufacturer) took almost 5 years to design a firearm for them.

Because he saw an opportunity here, Glock asked the colonels if they need new firearms and got a positive answer. Glock was challenged with this idea and asked if he can join in and asked what they want their guns to be like. After a short discussion, Glock was given the opportunity as long as he can prepare it in a short time.

Gaston began his self study by investigating construction and function of that era’s top pistols. He has no experience with guns before so he started buying handguns like Beretta 92, Sig Sauer P220 and Walther P38 which are 9x19mm pistols. He disassembled them and put them back together again. He also studied about the Austrian patent office and procedures when it comes to patents involving handguns to help him find out about the newest technologies so he can choose one that is suitable for him.

Once GLOCK understood basics of weapon construction and technology, he realized that help of handgun expert is essential. So he arranged a meeting with three experts: Siegfried F. Hubner, Richard Silvestri and Friedrich Dechant. The meeting took place on 8. 5. 1980.

Glock arranged a meeting with three experts to help him with his research; these men are Siegfried F. Hubner, Richard Silvestri and Friedrich Dechant. He asked them various questions that will give him more ideas on the handgun that he is trying to create. The first demand was a capacity of 100 rounds and 2 oz of weight. He was also told that the barrel should be done in a single operation so the accuracy will be higher. The gun should be able to safely shoot of 9×19 rounds of double load and the gun should not be triggered by a fall from 2 meters against something that is metal. The pistol must also be rust resistant and of course weather resistant meaning it needs to function correctly even after it had contact with ice, snow, sand or dust. The only misfire allowed in 10000 rounds is 1.

Gaston made the drawings shortly after that evening and constructed his gun with these ideas. He applied for a patent on April 30 1981. He made a gun with an automatic control less safeties and polymer body. He wanted his gun to be simple, clean and plain which took him 18 months to make. On May 19, 1982, he sent his fun to the Austrian army. The military tests successfully passed 18 glock pistols but they want 2 safeties instead of just 1 as well as a firing pin safety. The Austrian army ordered 25000 Glock pistols and this is how Gaston Glocks dreams came true.

It is now the top handgun used across different military and police departments. It is also the most common gun found in gun safes at home. The production of glocks could be associated with the increase of gun safe sales. Find out more about gun safes in the market.

Office Messenger Bag in Vienna

If you want to visit Vienna but you also have to take some work with you, you might want to get rid of the regular briefcase and replace it with handy messenger bags. Nowadays, we are free from being bound to an office and can freely work from home or anywhere we want. You might also think that it is the best time to travel while working. If you want to try this and enjoy Vienna while working, here are some tips.

Finding the Right Messenger Bag

The first thing that you need to do is to find the perfect messenger bag that suits you and will fit your laptop or tablet and all the gadgets that you use to work. You also have to make sure that there are pockets on your messenger bag so you can organize your stuff.

Finding places to work

If you decide to travel while working, you should make sure that you can do your job via email or phone so you don’t have to worry about setting up a workstation. However, not having your own mobile hotspot can be a problem. The first thing that you need to do is to find a great place where they have great WIFI service—like Starbucks. However, if you try to go to restaurants to find a place where you can work comfortably and focus, you may find that the local library is the best place to be. The library is usually filled with lots of old people and children but they are quiet compared to those that eat in McDonald’s.

When it comes to files, you will find that it’s better to not print things out and have too much paper at your disposal. Digital files can be stored using Dropbox or Evernote. If you really have to print something out, you can go to the library’s local office supply section and they usually print stuff for you. If you also need any office supplies like paper clips, staplers or even fax something—they have it all.

Where do you meet clients?

Another issue that you might encounter is when you’re trying to meet clients but you don’t really have an office that you can invite them in. The best thing to do is to pack your messenger bag office up and meet them at their place or a restaurant of their choice.

It’s very possible to have your office tools in a trusty messenger bag so you can work on the go. You only have to know the ins and outs of working outside where anything can happen. You also need to find a job that won’t require you to be grounded in your workstation at all times. You need to find a job where you can do most of the work virtually like on the phone, email or cloud. If you really want to enjoy travelling while working, this is the best bet for you. You don’t really need to sacrifice any of your time in doing some business, you only need to be smart about it.