How to Stick to the GM Diet in Austria

The GM diet is a sure fire way to lose weight in 7 days. This diet was developed for General Motor employees’ health and wellness program and was made to be used solely by General Motor employees. If you are still on the diet and you are also scheduled to travel in Austria, it’s very easy to sustain it. Since most of the GM diet involves eating fruits, Austria will provide plenty of places where you can pick them.

The problem that you might have is that the bananas may prove to be more expensive in Austria because it is a tropical fruit.  According to the research and studies, the premium for tomatoes and bananas seem to be higher compared to citrus fruits. The reason behind this is that there is only a small organic banana market in Austria. Bananas have lower shelf life and it also contributes to the high premiums that they get as well the cost of importing.

Vegetables are abundant in Austria because there are many farms that harvest and produce vegetables so you won’t have any trouble finding anything that you can make your salad with. The GM soup is also made of vegetables so there will be no problem making a big batch of this to substitute for your daily meals. The price range is also fair for vegetables in Austria since they don’t have to import much of them except for the winter period.

As for beef, there are many farms that raise healthy cows that can be a good source of meat. Tons of beef are produced yearly because beef is one of the most popular meats eaten by Austrians everyday. Since the GM diet also allows you to eat meat—only beef—on certain days, this will not be a problem for you. However, depending on where you are from, the cost of beef may or may not be more expensive to your liking. People who come from some parts of South East Asia may find that beef is more expensive in Austria as well as people from America. People from Japan may find that it is a little bit cheaper than their local Kobe and Wagyu beef. If beef is not a part of your diet, you can try the Indian version of the GM diet.

Maintaining the GM diet while travelling to Austria is not very hard to do because the vegetables, fruits and meat used in this diet is also found in the country. You only need to take note that when you are on this diet; you will only have a little bit of energy because of the food that you eat. This means you won’t really have many calories to spare to walk around or sight see.

That being said, you really need to make sure that you want to be on this diet before you take a trip to Austria. Remember that you want to make the most out of your vacation and go to all the places that you can on your trip. Being on this diet will hinder you from that and it’s important to decide whether to pause it for the trip.