What Shoes to Bring to Austria

Travelling to Vienna would mean a lot of walking in the streets. This is why you need to bring the best shoes that will help you get the best experience without the pain on your foot. If you are shopping for clothes to bring on your trip to Vienna, don’t forget to buy the best shoes for you. Here are some tips on choosing shoes based on their different criterias to help you with your shopping.

Lightweight Neutral Fitness Walking Shoes

People with a neutral way of walking will do well with flat, lightweight and flexible shoes. These shoes should have good cushioning for comfort but not too much that it makes the shoes too heavy.  Most of the time, these type of walking shoes pose a running design that meet the needs of those that love to walk.

Motion Control Walking Shoes

If you tend to overpronate when you walk, you need firmer and heavier shoes to help you with your gait and also reduce the risk of having injuries because of overpronation. Those who overpronate can get the best out of a motion control shoe because the shoes make sure that their feet are well protected. If you always see the inner side of your sole with excessive wear and tear, this means that you need motion control shoes.

Trail Walking Shoes

This type of shoes gives you the stability, protection and traction that you need for uneven surfaces and slippery slopes when you walk a trail. Boots are very heavy and can be rigid because they are mostly used for extreme day hiking and backpacking. Today’s trail shoes are made withgood traction but are ultimately lighter in weight as well as focuses on flexibility.

Cushioned Walking Shoes

Every walker needs the right amount of cushioning on their shoes to prevent their feet from being fatigued especially during long distance walks or standing for long periods of time. However, walkers need less cushioning for their feet compared to runners because the impact created on the foot is far less. It’s important to take note that cushioned shoes do not come with any motion control correction and also gives you minimal support at most. However, they offer a lot of midsole cushioning for a person’s comfort.

Racewalking Shoes

People who participate in race walks need to buy flexible and lightweight shoe that they can use as they take each step. Most of the time, they buy a shoes that are flat from the heel to the forefoot. However, if they plan to racewalk longer distances, they need a little bit more of cushioning—which is a balance that is very hard to find.

Comfort Walking Shoes

Comfort shoes allow you to wear them all day without feeling uncomfortable. It also lets you provide the right kind of support on your feet as well as relieve any foot problem that you have. These shoes come in different designs for your different needs. Some designs even feature orthotic designs for some extreme foot conditions.