Where to Pamper Yourself in Austria

If you’re planning to get pampered in Austria, let the mineral rich waters of their thermal spas sooth your acing backs and shoulders. It also is known to be good for common skin problems and even more severe conditions like arthritis and rheumatism.

Austria is made up of two thirds water and one third lands. If you like to soak in hot springs to soothe and relax your senses, you will surely enjoy Austria’s thermal spas. Many tourists consider this activity whenever to visit Austria for leisure of business. They say that it helps them think things through and clears their head when it comes to any type of worries.

Some doctors also support the healing abilities of thermal spas. This is because most symptoms of back and joint problems are alleviated by this sort of treatment. Many patients, old and young, prefer going to thermal spas for recreation and relaxing. Some people with skin problems also soak regularly to help their skin become better. If you are curious enough about these thermal spas and you want to have a relaxing stay in Austria, here are some of the best thermal spas to choose from.

Kneipp thermal spa of the Sisters of Mary of Carmel

The Kneipp spas found in Upper Austria, their sisterhood offers more than 140 kinds of classip treatments. They also offer programs that help patients relieve stress like massages, aromatic bath, meditation and many more to keep a person from feeling stressed out.

Alpentherme Gastein

This is one of the newest and most moderm thermal spas in the Alps today. This spa offers a 360 degree panoramic view of the alpine and an adventure dome with different projections. They also have a sauna world with a lake in the mountain where you are allowed to cool off during summer months when you feel too hot. This spa is open to everyone until 1 am and offers culinary highlights as well as live music.

Therme Laa

This is located in Lower Austria and offers a very good all around experience for tourists. Water shiatsu or WATSU is the best feature of this spa. It is used to help relax the body as you are floating on water. This therapy is believed to release physical, mental and emotional blockage.

Bad Waltersdorf

A spacious and well designed thermal spa and sauna is found in Styria along with their TSM (traditional styrian medicine) programs. These are healing powers of an indigenous plant that is centuries old like hay flower, apple and pumpkin is used to better people’s health. If you really want to experience relaxation, a soothing stone massage using honey and herbs will do the trick.

This thermal spa is located in Carinthia and is believed to have more than 40 million liters of water flowing to different basins of the spa from six different springs. The spa also gives you fun activities that will help you take your mind off of things. Try the algae, caviar and sea salt treatments for starters.

Some of these spas also offer other services like laser hair removal and other pampering services. The costs of laser hair removal here varies depending on the area you want to get treated.